Pastoral Care in the Community

Members of our ministry team, supported by some specialist advisers, provide individual care and support to the wider public as well as to people who go to church. They deal primarily with spiritual needs, and welcome enquiries from people of all faiths or none. However, they also seek to provide confidential care and support at times of crisis and special need such as bereavement, redundancy or divorce. Financial help is not normally offered, but gifts of clothing and food are possible in urgent need.

Counselling Services

In partnership with the New Directions counselling service, support can be provided in a number of general areas – see their website, for more details. If you are interested in these services (or know someone who might) more details are available by phoning them on 07890 133178 or emailing them at – they can put you in touch with the appropriate specialist.


Couples are welcome to ask to be married in the church if they wish to make the vows required for Christian standards. Although many of the church’s ministry services are free, a fee to cover costs is charged for Weddings.


Funeral services may be held in the church. Standard charges are made for this through the Funeral Director appointed by the family.