The “Open Door” café runs every Tuesday morning between 10.30am and 1.00pm in the church lounge – enter through the extension door behind the M&Ms Estate Agency. Whilst the café runs in the church lounge, the church hall will have some toys available and those bringing toddlers with them are welcome to use these facilities instead, under their own supervision.

A wide range of home made cakes and snacks, teas, coffees and soft drinks are available and toasted sandwiches are made to order. No charges are made for the refreshments, but donations, however small, are welcome. Over the years many thousands of pounds have been raised this way, which has been used to support projects with homeless people in the area, as well as overseas relief work such as the ARCA project in Brazil, BMS link missionaries, TEARfund and needs in Romania supported by the CAR project.

The café has been operating since 1991, when it was first started as a way of meeting the needs of the wives, partners and girlfriends of service personnel (from nearby bases) who had been sent to serve in the Gulf War. The “Drop-in” café (as it was then known) gave them a place to share their concerns about the safety of their loved ones and to support each other. It now meets broader community needs, including those with toddlers, and those making their way to or from the Leighton Buzzard town market. All are welcome.