Use this form to request a room booking. It will be sent automatically to our room bookings coordinator, who will review room availability and confirm whether the booking can go ahead (this will include a check for compatibility with our building usage plans). You will be advised if the booking is accepted and if so, the charges applicable for the booking, after which it will be held as a provisional booking for 14 calendar days; the booking will be confirmed once payment or an official order is received. Your payment or official order will be deemed to include acceptance of the booking conditions.
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Conditions of Booking for hire of Church Rooms (including Delta House)

Last updated: 16th April 2015

1. All bookings are by permission of the Ministers and Officers through the Room Bookings coordinator and on condition that the user undertakes to ensure activities will be:
• properly and adequately supervised and as represented on the Booking Form
• compatible with the Church’s faith and practice
• compatible with any requirements of law or public regulation (a Food Hygiene Certificate is required for the use of the Kitchen to prepare food).
• suitable and safe in the facility requested
• under the control of the person named on the Booking Form
• where children or vulnerable adults are involved, the principles of Safeguarding are complied with including the use of the Disclosure and Baring Service for the vetting of adults supervising children and vulnerable adults
• at the sole risk of the user with regard to any accident, injury or loss arising from the users activities or other use of the premises, (it is the users responsibility to organise Public Liability Insurance for their event)
The Ministers and Officers or their representative reserve the right at any time before or during an event to curtail, cancel or expel any activity or person deemed by them in breach of the above.
A Booking is not accepted until the Booking Form is approved and payment made or an official order is received.

2. If the church kitchen is required for the provision of food or refreshments for the event, then the kitchen must be booked. If the kitchen is only needed to provide the organisers with light refreshment, then they are free to use it provided this is indicated on the Booking Form, but they are not assured exclusive use.

3. Users agree to reimburse the Church for all expenses which may be incurred in order to repair or replace either building or contents which may be lost, damaged or destroyed in consequence of the user’s use or occupation of the premises.

4. The Facilities used must be clean and tidy and secure at the end of each event. The last person out of the building is responsible to check that all exits are secured.

5. There is a no smoking rule throughout the buildings.

6. It is not permitted to sell alcohol (nor serve it in exchange for a donation) or hold raffles on the premises.

7. It is the responsibility of the user to provide a mobile phone for emergency use.

8. In case of fire, users must have familiarised themselves with escape routes and exit doors and the location of fire extinguishers and fire alarms (where applicable). For public events, users must nominate stewards who will take responsibility for managing emergency evacuation of the building. It is the responsibility of the user to seek this information from the Church staff prior to making use of the premises. If a fire should break out, users must make every effort to call the Fire Service.

9. It is the responsibility of the user to provide adequate first aid facilities for their event.

10. Hirers of the facilities are responsible for the security of the buildings whilst they are using them. This includes ensuring that only people attending the planned event can enter the buildings. In Delta House, the front door must be supervised or kept closed whilst meetings are taking place.

11. Church events take priority over non-church events and this consideration may determine whether a booking is accepted. Regular bookings may exceptionally be altered or cancelled at the Church’s discretion should the Church require use of its facilities. Every effort will be made to provide an acceptable alternative but this cannot be guaranteed.

12. Cancellation of booking must be sent in writing to reach the Church not later than four days before the date of the event. If written cancellation is not received, for any reason, the user shall still be liable for the full cost.