Hockliffe Street has a lot of activities for children & youths on Sundays. We’ve also got meetings during the week which are described in the Children and Youth pages.

Sunday mornings

Children of all ages are part of the church service for the first thirty minutes or so. There are folders with activity sheets / colouring books & pencils at the back of the church which parents are welcome to use if they find they need something to amuse their pre-school children during this time. Towards the end of this period we have a special children’s spot in the service, and we celebrate with children if they have just had, or are about to have, a birthday.

At about 11.00 children (up to school year 8, about 13 years old) leave for their various different groups and classes as below. Children in school year 9 and above stay in the service, but they are still an important part of our congregation and so there’s a special group for them in the evenings (go to the bottom of this page for details).

Crèche (0-2 years)

This operates in rooms off of our church hall. Crèche is staffed on a rota basis by parents of young children so they are used to dealing with this age group, and they are happy to look after visiting children, although if a child does become particularly distressed the crèche team may ask the parent back to help.

Starters (2-5 years)

This group also meets in rooms off of our church hall, and has organised play and teaching on a Christian theme. It sub-divides into groups for the younger and older ones within the age-range, according to the abilities of the individual children.

Kings Club (School years 1-4, age 5-9)

Kings Club meets in Delta House. They sub-divide into smaller groups for activities targeted at their age groups.

Souled out (School years 5-8, age 9-13)

Souled out also meet in Delta House.

Youth Growth Group – on Sunday nights

We have a Youth Growth Group which is led by the young people with adults there too. It is a chance to spend time together, looking again at the talk from the morning service, unpicking it and applying it to our lives and praying for one another.

The groups meet as school years 9 onwards, on Sunday evenings, normally between 6pm and 7.30pm in Delta House.

For further details of Youth Growth Group, please contact the church office