Hockliffe Street Baptist Church traces its origins to around 1650, when a small group of Baptists who lived in Leighton Buzzard but belonged to a church in Kenworth began meeting in the town, to avoid a ten-mile walk to church. It is not known when a separate church was formed in Leighton Buzzard, but by 1740 a church building was erected in Lake Street where ‘Chapel Mews’ now stands.Our present building was erected in 1892 and seats around 450. It has been featured nationally as an outstanding example of Victorian chapel architecture, yet has been sensitively modernised to provide a warm and comfortable place for contemporary styles of worship. Services are simple, joyful, and in modern English; we do not require visitors to ‘dress up,’ give money, or embarrass themselves. Many people come to the church as seekers after truth rather than as committed Christians. There is always a group of people who are just becoming Christians; and others who are only beginning to learn about Christian beliefs.

We are a strongly evangelical baptist church committed to ‘classic evangelicalism’ and a reformed teaching ministry, in keeping with our founding Trust Deed. However, we have a broad cross-section of members from many different backgrounds. We welcome into membership anyone who is willing to accept our basis of faith, our emphasis on the truth of the Bible, and our firm belief that the Holy Spirit is present in His fullness wherever Christ is truly honoured and worshipped.