Leadership in our church has many levels. The highest level of authority rests with the Eldership, formed of the members of the ministry team and the Elected Elders from within the Membership of the Church. However, they are supported by a wider group of Church Leaders and, as a registered charity, by additional Charity Trustees who add other skills necessary to comply with Charity law and requirements. We also have a dedicated Support Team comprising paid staff and volunteers.


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Pete Chilvers – Senior Minister

Pete Chilvers became the Minister of Hockliffe Street Baptist Church on 4th September 2010. For the previous five years he’d been associate pastor at the Bethany City Church in Sunderland and had previously worked at Christ Church Peckham and with the Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship as a staff worker. He traces his Christian roots to being brought up in a home where Christ was honoured and adored, and came to a personal saving faith in Jesus Christ at a summer Bible Club whilst aged 8.

In ministry he seeks to lead worship that is Christ centred, Spirit filled, saturated in God’s word, and encouraging everyone to lift their hearts as well as their voices in adoration to the risen Christ. In teaching he seeks to honour God, and build up the church and its leaders in God honouring, Christ centred discipleship. In his personal life he acknowledges he is totally reliant upon God’s grace and he seeks to live and serve God as a response to who He is, and what He has done in the Gospel.

Pete is married to Esther and they have two sons and a daughter.

Tim Mills – Associate Minister

Tim Mills became our Associate Minister on 1st February 2017. Before his appointment, Tim had spent the previous six years serving God as a missionary in Zambia with his wife, Gemma. They lived in the grounds of Kaniki Bible University College, where Tim was a lecturer and latterly, the Acting Head of Administration. Tim and Gemma were also the founders of Kapumpe Christian Primary School and an orphan project supporting hundreds of children and guardians in the surrounding communities. Tim considers his time in Zambia to have been a training ground for his new ministry at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church where he is passionate to see real needs met by the transforming love and power of Jesus. Tim and Gemma have two young daughters.


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Ian Watson – Elder

Ian was brought up in a Christian family and attended the Salvation Army until 1993 when he and his family moved to HSBC. He has been involved in various roles in the church throughout the past 20 plus years and as well as being in the Eldership is now employed as the church’s Operations Manager (see below). Ian is married to Bronia and has two grown up children. In his spare time Ian is an avid Rugby fan.

Dave Knightley – Elder

Biography to come.

Ryan Luke – Elder

Biography to come.

Additional Trustees

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Tom Baird – Additional Trustee

I became a Christian and was baptised here in 1992 at the age of 43. Although with many work commitments at that time, my wife Eleanor and I have led a fellowship group for some 20 years and helped with many pastoral issues. Since my early retirement I have been actively involved and remain a member of the Fabric Group and am also a member of the Building Project Group. I have to admit that perhaps God has given me a number of skills and experience for a reason. I worked for a FTSE 100 company and since my early engineering and computing background have had many senior commercial roles. In addition to developing major business partnerships in Asia I have also held company directorships in Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, America and the UK. For many years I was also a senior Personnel Director. I am now offering these skills in the service of our Lord as a Trustee of this church.

Steve Hailes – Additional Trustee

As a Christian I believe it is important to be involved with other Christians in the local church so that we can use our different gifts to build each other up. I became a Christian at age 19 when I left home to start what became a 33 year career in the railway industry and have found that my organisational skills and attention to detail can also suit administrative roles within churches. I was glad to accept the invitation to join the Church’s Trustees and act as their Secretary as one way of contributing to church life. I have experience of being a trustee of the Railway Mission and as a Governor at a local school. I was in the fortunate position to be able to retire early in 2011 and although I have been active in doing various things for this church since becoming a member in 1999, my retirement gives me more time to do so now. I’m married to Anne and have two grown-up children.

Dianne Norman – Additional Trustee

I was born into a Christian family where the Lord Jesus was centre in the lives of my parents, grandparents, and wider family, all of whom worshipped and actively served God at HSBC. I received love, teaching, and encouragement, from amazing Christians which led to my accepting Christ as my Saviour at the age of 15 years, after which I was baptised and came into membership. I first met Bob at the age of 16 when he attended the Youth Group at Hockliffe Street. We married in 1964 and have two children Hilary and Steven. We have 3 grandsons and a granddaughter. Bob attended HSBC spasmodically for many years and after being greatly moved by the love shown to me by members and friends at this church during a serious illness, he started to attend regularly and was eventually baptised in 2012. Over the years at HSBC I have undertaken secretarial and financial roles, been a Sunday School teacher for 12 years, ran the Pre School Playgroup Group. More recently I have been a joint leader of Joy Fellowship and continue the role of Flower Committee co-ordinator. I want to continue to serve God in a positive way and it is a privilege now to use my gifts and experience as a Church Trustee in this exciting and challenging time of Spiritual growth at this Church.

Paul Daggett – Acting Trustee

Paul served a three year term as Elder until September 2020, at which point he stood down from that role but has continued as an acting Trustee until our AGM in 2021.
Paul has been a Christian since 1994 during which time he was organ scholar at Liverpool Cathedral. He has been worshipping at Hockliffe Street for over 20 years and was baptised in 1999. Paul is a teacher in Milton Keynes. His hobbies are running, cycling, and performing music.
He is married to Lorna and has three children.

Support Team

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Ian Watson – Church Operations Manager

In addition to being an Elder in the church, Ian serves as the church’s Operations Manager, a role in which he oversees the day to day running of the church. he works with the other members of mthe leadership team and coordinates the rest of the office team and the huge number of volunteers who deliver all aspects of church life.
You can read his personal profile in the section above.

Colin Johnson – Outreach Community Worker

Colin is married to Linda and they have 3 adult children, they have been living in Leighton Buzzard since 1997. Colin leads our Neighbourhood Chaplains community outreach team. Neighbourhood Chaplains is a national scheme being developed by Christian charity Counties to help churches reach out to people in their local communities with friendship and some practical support.
Colin visits local care homes/older living residences to offer befriending and run services. Colin is a trained Christian counsellor, who once worked in business development with companies like BT and trained as a Baptist minister.
Colin says: “I was not brought up as a child to go to church and only became a committed church goer when I was in my mid 20s when I was at university. It was then that I began to wonder if there was more to life than work, eating and drinking and having a good time. What was the purpose and meaning of life? I met some people who spoke to me about having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and it was the way they lived as if in relationship with God that so impressed me. They prayed to God as if he was their friend and got answers. I was amazed when I realised I could know God in the same way as them. Jesus became real to me and I began to see he was more than a mere man and it was through Jesus’ death on the cross that I gained access to God and forgiveness for all things wrong in my life (past selfishness that has hurt and affected others and God himself). It is so wonderful to now feel and know I am forgiven and at one with God. Knowing Christ has revolutionised my life in so many ways and through him I have found meaning and purpose. If you would like to explore what Jesus can do for you please get in touch.”
Please visit Colin’s web site at www.hopeonthestreet.org.uk.

Welcome team

Our welcome team, who are a group of volunteers, are the first point of contact for most people calling the church office. They will do their best to deal with any enquiries or will point you to the appropriate person – although in a busy church like ours, sometimes it isn’t possible to get exactly what you’d like first time!

Jill Betts – Finance Assistant

Jill is the financial assistant, who keeps the bills paid and thus everybody happy.