The vision for Hockliffe Street Baptist Church is set out in a document that you can download by CLICKING HERE. The key points are:

Our vision

We are a community learning to know and follow Jesus Christ. We are being transformed by his grace through the Holy Spirit and aim to be passionate in our worship of God.

We are seeking to be generous and caring for others as we faithfully share the message of Jesus and serve him in the wider community.

We are

Therefore we are called to be 5 things. All that we are, do and support is shaped by these distinctives. It is what makes us who we are.

The gospel in the bible: the good news of the birth, death, resurrection and transforming work of Jesus Christ, defines us as individuals and as a community. [1] Hockliffe Street Baptist Church exists to enjoy, declare, defend and display this gospel in all that we are and do; without it we are nothing and are still lost in our sin and rebellion. [2] We must never move away from it; [3] rather we will preach it, live it and enjoy it [4] as we trust in the word of God. This gospel is celebrated in communion and its work is demonstrated in believer’s baptism. The gospel unites us and enables us to stand with all those who embrace the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. [5]

We were made to worship, to display the praises of the one who has redeemed us.[6] Jesus Christ, who has transformed us is worth living and dying for, so we seek to be devoted to him and make him the object of our desire. [7] Hockliffe Street Baptist Church exists to worship God in all we are and do, whether we are responding to him in praise and worship together or seeking to serve others in the community.[8] God deserves nothing less than our all, as his Holy Spirit enables us to fix our eyes on him.

We are easily deceived into believing we have something to offer God. In truth we are completely dependent upon him.[9] Hockliffe Street Baptist Church seeks to learn to continually trust and lean on God through prayer, taking the Bible seriously and relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit. We want everything we do to be thoroughly biblical and saturated with prayer.[10] It is when our confidence is in God that we learn to do difficult things and take risks for Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.[11]

God’s partners in reaching the world with the gospel are his people; you and me.[12] When God’s grace in Jesus grips our hearts by his Holy Spirit, it inevitably flows over to friends, family and the wider community as we enjoy and share his goodness.[13] Hockliffe Street Baptist church exists to live, share and speak the gospel of Jesus to those who need to hear it in our town, our country and our world.[14] This global vision also fires local mission; it is God’s heart so we seek to be intentional in all we do in making disciples.

Partnership with God leads to partnership with other people; there is something very special about an intentional Christian community.[15] Hockliffe Street Baptist Church exists to welcome, care for and support people.[16] We believe everyone has an important role in the life of the church family and in the wider community. God gives gifts to us and we want to encourage everyone to identify and use them, including developing and training leadership throughout the church.[17]

Marks of the Church

  • Faithful in all things
  • Intentional in all things
  • Excellence in all things
  • Gospel in all things
  • Grace in all things
  • Biblical in all things
  • Prayerful in all things
  • Considerate in all things


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